Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Title: All Alone 24 x 36. Date: 10/09/10 3:18 pm, Location: St. Anthony Sand Dunes, F-Stop: f/2.8, Shutter Speed: 1/2000, Camera: SONY DSC-H50.  I used camrea RAW edits on this photo to do the following: Temperature +8, Recovery 36, Blacks 3, Brightness -10, Contrast +6, Clarity +83, Vibrance +44, and Saturation +31. All alone 24 x 36This was a very fun and challenging assignment to say the lest. The hardest part about the assignment was sizing the image to the 24 x 36 and making sure that the final print would turn out clear. I picked this photo to do the 24 x 36 on canvas for two reason one i loved how blue the sky turned out and two i liked how this was the only tree left standing in this area. When i first took the photo the sky and the sand where pretty blown out so this was the first thing that i wanted to fix. When taking the shoot i wanted to make sure that there was a lot of sky in the background.

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